Eagles Fans Arrested For Banging In The Bathrooms In Carolina

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Eagles were getting wins everywhere yesterday. On the field, on social media and in the bathrooms of the Carolina Panthers stadium. Two Eagles fans pulled out of the stall because they got caught going at it.

The ‘let him finish’ chants were perfect. Listen, when in Carolina do as the Carolinians do, am I right? The mood hits you, your team just made an impossible comeback via interceptions, blocked punts and Jalen Hurts running. I get it, that type of production can get someone all hot and bothered. You lock eyes with a little lady from Upper Darby that made the trip down too as she finishes the rest of her Budweiser and starts lighting up another Marboro Red. What are you supposed to do? Not bang in a dirty Carolina bathroom stall? Don’t be such a prude.

Also some next gen stats for ya, the Eagles have never lost a game where these two have knocked boots in public. Just sayin, I know a good luck charm when I see it and these two hard hat wearing individuals might just be the spark this team needs.

Go Birds

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