Ben Simmons Remembers He Likes Money And Now Wants To Come Back To The Sixers

GTFOH. Sorry. I’m the biggest Ben Simmons guy out there, well was, but you can’t come back from this. You just can’t. Everything is broken and this isn’t going to work.

Ben Simmons got caught liking an Instagram photo of how much his fines are going to be for missing games a week or so ago. He and his agent Rich Paul were probably sitting there laughing away. ‘Hahahahaha, they are going to trade me, I’m not missing any of this money, jokes on you losers.’ Then the Sixers held his salary, as they LEGALLY can do. that probably made Ben sweat a bit, probably call Rich Paul and was like ‘hey man, can they do that? Also I know we said we’d hold out for a trade but when is that actually going to happen?’

Now he’s missing bigger and bigger checks and the nerves are shaking. Also I think it’s very interesting this comes right after Warzone season 6 just dropped last week. Ben, an avid gamer, probably was getting ready to buy that battle pass and remembered he isn’t getting paid. Not comfortable getting that brand new skin and shotgun blueprint until some money starts rolling in.

At this point though, he comes back and what, is the sad guy in the corner not trying hard at all? Does he mess up on purpose? Does Doc bench him? My god how interesting that would be. I think he’d legit cry, right there on the bench. The home crowd is going to boo him harder than they’ve ever boo’d anyone before. It’s going to be brutal. The relationship is past saving and it’s time to move on. If he wanted to hold out then he should stay holding out. Don’t get scared now because the Sixers are holding out too.

PS: I’m 10000000% with Devan, I’ll welcome him back with open arms if he does all this.

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