The Trophy Series: Red River Showdown (Shootout)

One of the best rivalries in all sports. Oklahoma vs Texas dates back to 1900 with 116 meetings total. The Red River forms the natural boundary between the two states giving this rivalry its nickname. The majority of these games are played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas during the weekend of the Texas State Fair.

Texas leads the series 62-49-5. The Longhorns dominated this rivalry early until the late 40s early 50s where Oklahoma started to win the majority of games in that era. The 60s were all Texas until the beginning of the 70s where the Sooners won five straight. For the next 20 years, each team would mostly go on a winning streak of 3 or 4 games until 2010. In the last 11 seasons, there have been 12 meetings between the two teams (met once in the Big 12 Championship) Oklahoma has won 9 of those games.

The Golden Hat is one of the most famous rivalry trophies in College Football. When both programs signed to play in Dallas at the Texas State Fair it was only supposed to be for 10 years. The tradition of playing the game at a neutral site was welcomed by both fanbases and they decided to make the move permanent. The fair showed its gratitude by donated the replica of a ten-gallon hat, which was bronze at the time, to the winner of the game. Its first appearance was in 1941 and was awarded to the Texas Longhorns. On the rare occasion, these teams meet in a conference championship game it is agreed that the Golden Hat will not be on the line.

There are two other lesser-known trophies also exchanged to the winning side. The Red River Rivalry Trophy was adopted in 2003 to be exchanged between the two student bodies, whereas the Governor’s Trophy is exchanged between the governors of each respected state. Not only that, but the losing governor has to award the winning governor with a side of beef from their state to a charity.

The Red River Showdown (or Shootout) is one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Two states that loathe the other, playing on a neutral field where the stands are separated between a sea of red and orange. Both colors not only pop in the crowd but also on the field. In the end, everyone sees the winners put on the Golden Hat, but with additional wagers made between the student body, governors, and fans it means a hell of a lot more than that. It’s about having bragging rights to the state on the other side of the river.

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