The Ed Orgeron Show Gets a Prank Call

Ed Orgeron has his own radio call-in show every Wednesday during the football season. The most recent show was going normal until “J Boy” called in. The caller explained that before he asked his question about Special Teams, he was going to be an “embarrassing big brother”. He told Coach O that it was his sister’s birthday, and she was in attendance. He asked Coach O to wish her a happy birthday, which he did in that joyful Cajun accent. J Boy then states that “she is a little blonde-headed girl” and then asks Coach O to “try not to have sex with her and put it on….”. The call was cut before he could get out the word “Snapchat”. This was referring to pictures of Coach O with a woman in her 20’s, after his divorce, and that woman posting the photos on Snapchat (see below).

Orgeron responds with a bit of a threat saying “down on the bayou we have a nice little fishing hole for people like that”.


Here is the full clip.

AJ Torres from Fox Sports radio asks the question all of us are thinking. “Why, in the era of coaches making $8 million a year, they still agree to do call-in shows”. College Football fans are some of the craziest, and strangest fans. Why coaches are still doing call-in shows in today’s climate, is beyond me.

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