Did Aaron Rodgers And Shailene Woodley Break Up?

Aaron Rodgers spent the 2021 offseason growing his hair out, hosting Jeopardy, and deciding if he felt like destroying the Green Bay Packers organization from the inside out. One week into the season, an embarrassing Packers loss, and fans genuinely started looking to his new fiance actress Shailene Woodley as the reason football Arod may step away from the game.

Being a WAG is not as easy as it may sound. Not everyone is built for the constant death threats when their significant other misses a wide open receiver on 2nd and 7 or the backlash when a kicker doinks a game winning FG. Jessica Simpson couldn’t handle it. What makes us think Shailene Woodley can?

The easy answer is that I’m not even sure Shailene realizes what Aaron Rodgers does for a living. There’s a strong possibility she still thinks he plays for some intramural flag football team for fun on the side.

“I guess I haven’t felt any pressure to, but it’s exciting,” Woodley said of getting into the sport in an interview with Seth Meyers. “The Packers games are the only ones I find really interesting because I have people to actually root for.”

“But it is a whole new world, learning all of the different — I still am always, ‘Oh, you scored a goal.’ He’s like, ‘It’s a touchdown.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘You crossed the line,’ and he’s like, ‘It’s a yard,’ or whatever,'” she admitted. “I still can’t get it right, but I’m learning, slowly but surely.”

Before the season started, Aaron and Shailene decided it was a perfect time to go into their own little bubbles focusing each on their own careers.

“I think it’s going to be a good thing. I mean, her work was shut down for an entire year, and she’s booked a number of projects. She enjoys working and her own routine, which I obviously enjoy, too,” he added.

Lord knows the mental and emotional toll filming a 3rd season of Big Little Lies would take, but Shailene’s Wikipedia page does have her booked and busy for the rest of the year. Aaron and the Packers have started to play well again, with sights set on playing well into January. It makes sense the two may be spending physical time apart, which really is never good for a new relationship, let alone one with 2 big time celebrities.

Enter Deuxmoi, the 2021 version of Gossip Girl for celebrity internet rumors. Crowdsourcing breaking news and rumors, Deuxmoi receives submissions from random people who see celebrities on the street, have a 3rd cousin who knows the ins and outs of celebrity marriages, and usually are just submitting photos of famous people eating lunch. They can be pretty hit or miss on the truth of these rumors, and one of the latest is coming for Shailene and Aaron.

Seems as if the basis for these breakup theories is that Shailene has a questionable nail design with a black nail on her ring finger. I was not able to confirm or deny these rumors through my own investigation. Considering these two specifically explained they would be spending their time apart from each other, while still together, before the football season even started, their lack of IG posts or sleuthy internet pics of them scaling waterfalls on vacation should not spark any red flags.

But if, *if* they are right, Packers are winning the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers can’t let his ex Olivia Munn dominate a news cycle better than him.


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