Urban Meyer Won’t Last One Full Season In The NFL

By now you have all seen the video of Jags coach Urban Meyer and a young lady, if you haven’t go check it out here.

The backlash that he has gotten for the video has really taken off and now it seems like he has become the laughing stock of his own team.

It’s honestly hilarious that it has gotten to this point and as an avid Urban Meyer/Ohio State hater it couldn’t be happening to a better person. Urban Meyer stinks and I will not hear any different, it would be the most hysterical thing to happen if this guy gets canned within the first 6 weeks of his new NFL job.

Meyer stinks, Lawrence stinks, the Jags just flat out stink move them to London already so we can start football Sundays at 9am eight times a year.

Sad thing is even if Meyer gets fired, he will be back coaching a college program by next season anyway. Maybe this was all part of his master plan to begin with. Who knows at this point but I’ll be shocked if he makes it through this entire season as the head coach of the Jags.

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