NBA Is Back And We Should All Be Happy About This Rule Change

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Teams had their first preseason game within the last couple of days, which whatever. I’m not a preseason guy, hope everyone stays healthy is my mindset through the whole thing. One thing and really the only thing I was looking for was that Steph video above. The NBA has made it a point to try and eliminate that from the game this year and so far they seem to be off to a strong start. We’ll see if it continues through the actual season.

I have seen some people talking shit that the refs had to be “trained” to not make that call. I’m not a ref defender by any means but let’s pump the brakes. Practice, repetition, etc. you know? If that clip gives us any sign it seems the “training” has at least worked.

I’m interested what it’ll look like late in the year or playoffs with the game on the line. Will the refs stay consistent? Will players adjust and how quickly? No clue but I’m excited basketball is back.

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[…] NBA Is Back And We Should All Be Happy About This Rule Change […]

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