Urban Meyer Addressing The Videos Of Him From This Weekend

No body is having a tougher Monday than Urban Meyer. A video of him this weekend surfaced. In it he is seen with a young lady grinding all up on the old ball coach. Also reports were coming out that during the night he was making comments about missing coaching in college and how much harder the NFL is.

Today Urban Meyer addressed the issues and I have to say, it looks like the most uncomfortable video I’ve seen in years.

There is no worse feeling, none, than when you get blacked out, do something stupid and have to answer for it the next day. You’re hungover, shaking, you feel like shit and then you add a pile of guilt and shame on top. Won’t wish it on my worst enemy. Now imagine that but x1000000 because everyone with a cell phone has seen it. And you know it was bad because when they ask about his family he says ‘when I got that phone call that night, Well that next night.’ Yikes. Urban woke up to probably a billion texts and calls and had that moment when he took to twitter and saw everything that he didn’t remember even in the least. Then having to call his wife back like, ‘hey honey, soooooooo not sure if you heard.’

Tough tough seen for the old ball coach. Too many rum and cokes. I don’t know his drink of choice but he sends rum and coke vibes to me.

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