This Picture Of Nick Sirianni Is Genuinely Shocking

Not sure if you heard but the Eagles lost again yesterday. Whatever. The season is looking more and more like it’s going to be a total dud at this point. It’s driving the fan base insane and from the looks of Nick Sirianni, he isn’t handling the 1-3 start that great either.

I mean my god. The man is aging in dog years right before our eyes. A month ago he was a young hot shot head coach and today he looks like Nicholas Cage playing Nick Sirianni in a movie about the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles. It literally took me 5 minutes to tweet that picture because I wanted to be 100% certain that this was actually Sirianni and not another random positions coach on the team. Nope, that’s him alright. At this rate he’s not going to make it to week 18. He is either going to die of old age at 40 or he is going to have to retire for health issues.

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