This Is Going To Be A Game To Remember

Through three weeks and only two* teams remain undefeated in the Branded FF League. Those two are myself and Walsh. The reason I tossed an asterisk on two is because, yes Walsh did win his matchup but he won by 3 points and only won because Jake forgot to change his lineup and sent two injured players out there. Very embarrassing for both of them, honestly.

As predicted I dismantled Vince and as I hoped Aidan beat Ali. A great week to be me. I play Ali this week and Aidan plays Walsh so if Aidan keeps up his winning ways and I handle my business I’ll have sole possession of first place. Still a long way to go before that but I’m confident in my squad. Before I get into this weeks games I want to look ahead to next week for a second. Now I’m not looking past Ali, this will be a tough game and I could very easily lose but if I don’t I have Walsh next week. I’m not going to say it now, I’ll wait till after I play Walsh but if I start off 5-0 including wins against Ali and Walsh who are both Top 3 when I play them and my win against AJ earlier in the year, who was projected by Yahoo to win the entire league, I will declare myself the undisputed best coach/player in the league. A lot of things can happen but I’m looking to put together the greatest fantasy season this world has ever seen.

Back to this week against Ali, it’s gonna be a tough one. She has a really strong team and is coming off her first loss so she wants to get back on track. I’m projected to win and I should win but if Amari has another bad week and Aaron Jones does half of what he did in week 2 I could be in some hot water.

Both of our RB2s play tonight and I fully expect Mixon to outperform Robinson.

You could make the argument that the matchup of the week this week is Walsh Vs Aidan, especially since Walsh is technically in first place. We are both 3-0 but he has scored 0.1 more points then me and every inch matters. I think my game against Ali is the game of the week though and this is my blog so I’m going to run it like a dictator.

I did want to give an update to the leagues transactions but there hasn’t been a lot of movement and zero trades have been made so far. AJ has been the most active with some moves from Ali, Walsh and The Olds but nothing that noteworthy. I’ve only made two moves, after week one I dropped Fitzpatrick for Fields and this week I added Emmanuel Sanders in place of Ronald Jones.

I think Aidan might have a sneaky good roster that no one is talking about because he got killed week one but he is looking for his third straight win. Similar situation with Jay Arnold, could be an early dark horse to compete for the title.

The road to 4-0 starts tonight.

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