NFL Weekend Winners With Danny & Walsh


It’s week 4 of the NFL season and with Thursday night football going down tonight you know what that means…It’s time for another edition of NFL Weekend Winners! We took a week off last week because I(Walsh) forgot to schedule the blog to post…Hand up thats on me thats my bad

This week though I am making sure it gets posted I promise. Also, I’ve decided that picking every game is just too damn much and instead were just going to give you are 5 locks of the weekend for the NFL games. We’re focused on making you money now instead of just picking every game. So lets get right into it with Danny’s 5 locks of the week..

Danny’s Picks-

Chiefs -7 @ Eagles

Ravens -1 @ Broncos

Seahawks +3 @ 49ers

Lions +3 @ Bears

Packers -6.5 vs Steelers

Now that we are doing it this way I’m also going to try and make it where we are picking against each other in at least 2 of the games. The other three picks don’t have to be from the same games and can just be whatever we want. Now lets get to my picks…

Walsh’s Winners-

Jags + 7.5 @ Bengals

Eagles + 7 vs Chiefs

Steelers +6.5 @ Packers

Rams -4.5 vs Cardinals

Buccaneers -7 @ Patriots

I have reset our records back to 0-0 since were starting a new format. If you don’t like that well thats too damn bad its my blog and our winners so we’ll do what we want.

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