Mondays Suck As Do the Eagles Again…

The game was as much of a shit storm as you could have imagined. Its starts with coaching on both ends of the ball. Then you have, the which at this point seems to be the constant injury bug on the offensive line strike again, as Isaac Seumalo goes down with yet an another offensive line injury.

The offense looked exactly like Doug Pedersons offense last year. Not running Miles Sanders and continuous  screen plays that go for a yard or two. It is like nothing changed at all. I mean I just don’t understand how a lead back, does not get at the minimum  12 carries. Another problem offensively is that Jalen Hurts has an absolute candy arm. I know there are going to be fans that say “it is only his 7th start” but that means nothing when he has a weak arm. It is one thing if he is making dumb plays, he’s not, he just does not have a strong arm. Now the biggest thing I have to say about this disaster is the penalties. If I see one more Illegal man down field penalty  I am going to rip all of my hair out. At this point it is at least 3 to 4 fuckin calls a week and they all seem to be on big gains. It just sucks, the offense looks exactly the same as last year, especially with all the injuries on the line again. Hurts should take a nice little look as his “deuces” because he’s absolutely played like a fat deuce. For Sirianni it is so early, but his offensive play calling is so questionable, its only week 3 but this offense looks fuckin horrible. It is so predictable, its screen, screen, RPO, than the occasional deep ball.

Now for the defensive end of the ball, I mean holy fuckin shit. I mean we saw it during the Atlanta game, teams are going to be able to run on us at will. Dallas had at least 7 yards a carry Monday night. Between Pollard and Zeke they just ate up all the yards they wanted. That is what happens when you do nothing at the linebacker position  and make Singleton a captain LB. The linebacker crew is a bunch of fuck tards that legitimately cant do shit, they cant cover, nor stop the run. I also would also like to see Derek Barrnet scrubbing bathroom toilets. That dude is the biggest waste of fuckin space, he has done nothing since his rookie year other than make costly stupid fuckin penalties.

Overall the team looks like my scrotum ugly and nasty. I mean they have absolutely nothing going at all, I hate to say this but the Cowboys run away with this division. I knew this was going to be a long season, but I did think there was going to be there positives. It is extremely early, but there definitely needs to be changes. From play calling on both ends to execution on the field, it just looks so sloppy. I have to remind myself it is rebuild, but holy fuck we are so far from good.


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