Josh McDaniels Is The Most Hated Man In New England

There’s not a close second either. When Mac Jones has been given more than 2.5 seconds in the pocket he’s looked averagely decent enough. Bill Belichick finally went out and paid some real money to get a few big(ger) name players. Tom Brady is going to be welcomed home with a warm embrace and some raucous cheers.

But if I see one more drawn run play on 2nd and 3 in the red zone, I may drive my car off the Tobin bridge. The spotlight is currently shining brightly on the most glaring and weakest link, Josh McDaniels. Without Sony Michel or N’Keal Harry to blame as scapegoats, McDaniels is the clear cut least favorite. The fans with eyeballs have been calling for McDaniels head since at least 2016 but now that it’s reached Bill Simmons desk it may finally get the traction it deserves.

No one is more upset McDaniels didn’t take the Colts job than Patriots fans. There’s something to be said of the longevity between Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady, but now more than ever it seems apparent that Tom was the one carrying that relationship. When Josh was in Brady’s ear calling for a Brandon Bolden run up the middle, Tom could just change the play at the line and tell Josh we’ll get em next time. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy, and we appreciate

There was plenty of disgusting stuff that happened in Sunday’s 1pm day ruiner against the Saints, but by far the stinkiest was the play calling of Josh McDaniels. I have been toeing the line of cyberbullying McDaniels since Brady left, but when he called two straight running plays for Brandon Bolden inside the 20 yard line after Mac Jones had just pushed down the field throwing the ball, he earned the hatred of New Englanders from Bangor, Maine to Greenwich.

I don’t know what it would take at this point for McDaniels to get fired, in fact I think he guaranteed his job for life status years ago. He’s got to be fucking with us at this point, maybe he’s actually a Brady plant–a long con set up 20 years ago to build the biggest dynasty in the history of sports only to sacrifice yourself to stay on the team after Brady leaves and ruin the franchise from the inside out by exclusively calling the worst plays possible without making it visibly obvious. We’ve just reached the point where it’s not longer a well-kept secret.


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