Ohio State Linebacker Quits in The Middle of a Game

Ohio State Senior Linebacker K’Vaughan Pope had a rough night on Saturday against Akron. After he is “waved off” in a substitution package he appeared to be frustrated. As he walked off the field he was headed for the Ohio State tunnel until CJ Barnett, director of player development, chased him down. Pope and Barnett had a conversation before also having exchanges with Al Washington, linebackers coach, and head coach Ryan Day. 

Players tried to deescalate the situation before Brian Voltolini told Pope to walk away. Pope then threw his gloves in the air, took his jersey off, and was walked to the locker room by Barnett. 

Unfortunately, when Pope got to the locker room he sent out a tweet that said “Fucc Ohio State”.

It was quickly deleted and then replaced with “good lucc” to my teammates 100”.

Ohio State football reporter Austin Ward of Letterman Row states that “There have already been several not-so-subtle hints on social media dating back to spring practice that Pope was not happy with his role and could also depart Ohio State at some point, but it certainly wasn’t a situation that was expected to play out in the middle of game in front of a huge crowd at the Horseshoe.” 

Ohio State would defeat the Akron Zips 59-7. It’s safe to say K’Vaughan Pope has played his last game at Ohio State, and even though the Buckeyes are going to make another run at the Big Ten Championship you have to wonder if there is a little bit of trouble in paradise.

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