Week Two Reaction And Week Three Preview For The Branded Fantasy League

Last week I introduced the world to the Branded FF League, you’re welcome. A lot has happened so before we look ahead to week 3 let’s check out a few games from week 2.

I said it was going to be a close one between me and AJ and I was right. I take the dub by seven points but it was an insanely close game with AJ actually winning and looking like he would dominate for awhile.

Now the matchup I was excited for last week was Walsh vs Joe and KMess aka The Olds. The Olds were projected to win by only 0.79 points. Well, that’s not what happened.

Walsh DOMINATES with a 16 point win and leaves The Olds with two losses early this season.

With two weeks in the books only three undefeated teams remain. Myself, Walsh and Ali who put on an absolute clinic last week scoring 172 points!

Sorry Jake, nothing you could’ve done this time.

Moving onto this week, I am playing against producer Vince in a game I fully expect to win. Vince has a good team but I have a great one. I like Vince, we work together a lot but I am going to ruin him. It’s not if I win it is how much will I win by? He’s gonna be another probable playoff team that I make kiss the ring.

The matchup I’m very interested in watching this week is someone we’ve already talked about in this blog. Ali is trying to go 3-0 and Aidan is trying to turn last weeks win into a streak by beating the current top dog in the league. Ali is projected to win by 5, I agree that it’s going to be a close game but I think Aidan might be the one to hand Ali her first loss.

Or maybe Ali will just mop him up. I might be being a little hopeful in picking Aidan because I want a stranglehold on first and right now Ali is in my way.

Player of the week is Aaron Jones for obvious reasons but honorable mention for the dude who found Jones’ dead dads ashes in the end zone post game. I still think it’s weird he wore that as a necklace but happy it was found.

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