Shots Fired? Jeff Hafley Responds to Eliah Drinkwitz’s Comments About Out of Conference Opponents

Earlier this week Missouri head coach Eliah Drinkwitz made a comment about traveling to Boston College. After stating “no offense” to Boston College specifically he stated that he’d rather play competition closer to Missouri. This allows them to recruit in the region better, and get a matchup that has more of a rivalry feel. Personally, I felt the comment was directed at Nebraska and other teams Mizzou used to play in the Big 12.

Jeff Hafley was asked about the comments during his press conference and admitted that he didn’t think Drinkwitz meant anything by it. He did however show that he may have taken some offense to it. He explained that maybe Missouri should have “called him up” to play the game in Missouri. Hafley stated that he doesn’t care who they compete against as long as they are getting as a program.

Credit both coaches for being completely transparent. Honestly, I didn’t like that the Boston College reporter phrased the question like Drinkwitz was taking a direct shot at Boston College. If Mizzou was playing Syracuse Drinkwitz would’ve said the same thing. One thing is for sure. This will definitely be bulletin board material for the Boston College Eagles and add a little spark to a game that would’ve been an afterthought this saturday.



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