Barstool Employee Threatens Dave Portnoy

I think the dynamic Barstool has is insanely interesting. I think Dave specifically and his relationships with his employees is even more interesting. I think when people see someone who is the boss talk to or about their employees the way Dave does, especially how public he does it, people get upset. Not the employees but people on the outside looking in. I understand where they’re coming from because in most places Dave would be an awful boss who would get reported to HR constantly. I do also think that sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. Sports media, especially a site like Barstool where they do put an emphasis on comedy, is that exception.

That’s a lot of words to really say not much of anything. Had to lay the ground work that this isn’t a normal office and the dynamics and interactions are fucking weird if you don’t know the cast of characters.

Dave’s relationship with Rico Bosco is one that I’m not sure Dave or Rico fully understand. Are they friends? Do they hate each other? Depends on the day. I’m the only person I know who isn’t blocked by Rico (not a joke, that is 100% true) and I don’t want to get blocked so I won’t bring up how Rico keeps squeezing out his coworkers.

Is Rico attempting to squeeze out Dave? Is Terrible Tommy gonna wack Dave with Rico’s blessing? Dave is probably going to be hiring security until this is resolved.

There might not be a more dysfunctional yet entertaining relationship than Dave and Rico.

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