Evander Kane Accused Of Sexual Assault & Battery

We haven’t heard too much about what has been going on with the Evander Kane situation…That was until early this morning. New allegations have been brought up against the San Jose Sharks forward by his wife Anna. They are currently going through a pretty messy divorce and it may only get worse.

A concern at first with Kane were the gambling allegations that were brought up a few months back. It’s possible that Kane could have gambled on NHL games along with other sports resulting in him losing millions. The gambling concerns may now be the least of Evander Kane’s worries as these new allegations are much more serious and quite frankly disturbing.

Kane’s wife Anna is in the process of filing a domestic violence restraining order against Evander and in her allegations she states that he has assaulted to her on multiple occasions. One of the incidents allegedly happened just a few weeks after the couple lost their new born baby. Kane allegedly forced Anna to engage in sexual intercourse and claimed to have said “You can’t rape your wife.” He also verbally assaulted her during the incident as well.

The second incident allegedly happened back in 2019 during the Sharks playoff run. After one of the games in the playoff series Kane physically assaulted Anna in their hotel room including punching her in the head, throwing her into a wall, and slapping her in the face.

The NHL has already launched an investigation into Evander Kane’s gambling, and more than likely will be launching an investigation into these most recent claims. The San Jose Sharks have already had teammates claim they would prefer Kane not be back on the team and you can only imagine this causing even more of a rift. Training camp is opening in the next few days so it will be interesting to see what happens with Kane.

In my opinion, the smartest thing for the San Jose Sharks to do would be to hold him out of camp until the situation is resolved. If these allegations are true, Evander Kane should never suit up for an NHL team again and I can only hope the Sharks and the NHL do the right thing.

The Sharks open the season on October 16th, will Evander Kane be in the lineup?

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