Danny & Walsh Weekend Winners Update

Another great week of NFL action is in the books and Danny & myself gave you some winners but also some losers last week. Check out the blog of our picks from last week here.

There was a part of me that has already considered retirement from gambling on the NFL this year. Clearly, just by that statement you should know I had a pretty shitty week and my record shows that. I think for this upcoming week I am going back to just straight money line picks because I suck at spreads and over/unders. We’ll see how I’m feeling when I start typing this weeks blog for the picks.

Danny on the other hand didn’t do too bad, he managed to be above .500 and won some of the ones where I was like no chance this guy gets this game right. Good for you Danny..good for you. Not only did Danny beat me in the weekend winners this week, he also beat me when his 49ers beat my Eagles on Sunday afternoon.

Thankfully Danny is a classy guy and didn’t shit talk me too much but it’s safe to say I am down BAD right now. The good news is it’s already Wednesday and it’s time to put last week behind us. I will have a bounce back week and you’ll all see just how great at gambling I can be.

Here are our records from week 2…

Danny Week 2 Record(9-7)

Walsh Week 2 Record(13-15)

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