Ben Simmons Is Trolling Sixers Fans Now And I Kind Of Respect It

Ben Simmons doesn’t want to be in Philly and Philly doesn’t want him now either. For the most part anyway. And the conversation has been coming up about John Wall wanting out of DC and the possibility of him and Simmons in a trade. Well Ben clearly sees that chatter and dropped this on his Instagram story.

Just a masterclass in trolling. Yes it’s an awful situation that he no longer wants to be here and that he’s acting like a baby. But come on. Have to respect this level of trolling. The only thing this was missing was heart emojis above John Wall’s head. People are going to be big time mad about this but I’m at the point where this is funny. The guy isn’t going to play here, the organization will have to move him and the fan base is out for blood. I’m just standing here watching and having my heart broken because I wanted Ben to be the guy that he was supposed to be. So I’ll just laugh through the pain at this point.

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