Why does this podcast keep disrespecting Derrick Henry?

In the last two years Derrick Henry has put together a crazy resume including a 2000 yard season. This past weekend he stole the show against Seattle and reminded us why he has a real case for RB1 in the league.

So why does this podcast keep disrespecting him?

It all started back in April when they ranked their Top 5 running backs in the NFL. Only one of the three included Henry and he had him at two behind a guy that was hurt all of last season.

And this terrible trio has struck again. In the waning hours of Week 2 this “podcast” released a “Top 3 Performers of  the Week” video and, again, no Derrick Henry.

Anyone with a brain that watches football knows what Henry did to the Seahawks was nothing short of incredible and this clown in the top right has the balls to include a coach and Zach Wilson who threw 4 picks?

This “Birds vs Boys” nonsense has got to come to an end and hopefully this blog will help them see the error of their ways.

Tune in Thursday morning to see if they straightened out their act on YouTube and everywhere you get your podcasts.

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