Halftime Thoughts: Eagles vs 49ers


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That first half felt weird. Like, REALLY weird.

After seeming to click on offense and drive downfield multiple times, 200 yards has equated to 3 points. Not ideal.

Here a few thoughts I had while watching:

1) Fred Warner is REALLY, REALLY Good

Maybe the best defensive player I have watched live in a long, long time.

4 tackles (including 1 TFL) so far, but Warner has been penetrating the line frequently and disrupted any type of flow the Eagles had in the redzone. Someone’s going to need to figure out how to keep him out of the backfield or his name will continue to be heard on repeat while we settle for 3 or 0 points.

2) Jalen and the Receiving Corps Look Solid

People are mad at Jalen Reagor for stepping out. I think that is ridiculous and the guy did everything right besides have a young defender make a veteran play. Jalen has aired it out a few times, including a 91-yarder to Quez, and the receivers, in general, have been getting separation and making some nice plays.

3) Playcalling Continues To Inspire Hope

I don’t hate the play call here, but tough look for Ward to toss it out of bounds on 4th & Goal.

Overall, I think the play-calling has been solid. Lot’s of first downs, a nice mix of run/pass and yardage plays, and the utilization of all of our assets.

Let’s hope the boys can figure it out in the Second Half and secure a win against the Niners

Click here or above for a FREE trial of fuboTV and stream ALL of this weekend’s NFL action!

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