Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before. Giants Fans Are Crying Again

Waaaaaaahhhhhhh waaaaaahhhhh wah wah waaaaahhhh

That is the New York Football Giants official theme song. Whether it’s crying because another team in their division threw a meaningless game or because they don’t get calls they want. Giants fans continue their storied tradition of being soft as baby shit. Last night incase you missed it, Dexter Lawrence jumped offsides and the Washington Football Team beat them in the last seconds.

Now we’ve got Giants fans and writers crying like little hoes about the ‘wrong’ call.

Have to give it to Alex when you play the video that slow it does kinda look like he’s right. Unfortunately when yo play it in real time, he clearly jumped before the ball was moved. And also the fact that no one cares, the call was made, the game was lost and you sound like a little cry baby bitch. You know who has calls go against their team all the time? Every single fan base in the NFL. They are humans make split second decisions. Mistakes are made. Not in this case of course. This was the right call and the Giants lost fair and square.

Can’t wait for the Giants to finish the year 4-13 and complain that this game was some how the reason they didn’t make the playoffs again. You just hate to see it.

Go Birds

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