Dak Prescott, Caught Cheating On His Smokeshow Girlfriend, Natalie Buffett

SideAction has found some message exchanged on Snapchat that say Dak has been cheating on his smokeshow girlfriend, Natalie Buffett.

Obviously this is all rumor and just people talking shit but he is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Feel like that is a prime ‘cheat on your girlfriend/fiancé/wife’ job. Not that should, but I’m sure you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some girl that is trying to throw themselves at you just because you are the quarterback. Not saying it doesn’t happen for every other quarterback too around the league but I imagine in Texas, where football is second to God. It happens much more often.

Once again, until there are more details, just a rumor. Here’s to hoping it stays in the back of Dak’s head all season, eating at him and ruins the Cowboys this year.

And now what you’re all here for:

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