Branded Sports Has A Fantasy Football League And I’m Going To Win It

I meant to write something about this before week one but here we are, just had our second Thursday night game and still no blog. We made our own fantasy league, something I wanted to do when I first joined Branded in 2019.

Let’s introduce you to the competitors.

  • Me, Eddie (Joes Insecurities) 1-0
  • Vince (Kevin’s Blood Clot) 1-0
  • Ali (Jake Baileys Fan Club) 1-0
  • AJ (Cell Block 4) 1-0
  • Walsh (Walsh didn’t change his name yet) 1-0
  • CEO Joe and KMess (Spit Ballin’) 0-1
  • Jake (Last Jake Standing) 0-1
  • James (James BS Autodraft) 0-1
  • Aidan 0-1
  • Jay Arnold (Baby Chark Doot Doot Doot) 0-1

For the record James team was not autodrafted, he made his picks while at a concert. Real dedication for me to just eat him alive in week one.

We’re using Yahoo, which is absolute dogshit, and Yahoo gives their predictions on who they think will win the league. They had AJ finishing first, Joe/Kevin second and me third. I play AJ this week and I’m projected to win by 6 so it’ll be a close one. Let me know what you think about this matchup.

The matchup I’m interested in the most this week is Walsh vs The Olds aka Joe and KMess. Right now The Olds are projected to win by 0.79 points. I’m pulling for Walsh but McCaffery is probably going to go off and ruin Walsh’s chance of staying undefeated.

I’ll be doing update blogs for this league throughout the season. Breaking down any big wins, trades, fights all of it. If it happens in this league and doesn’t bore me to death it’ll get blogged.

Now everyone wish me luck, I have a fake football game to win and need to mentally prepare.

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