Who Will Be The Guest Picker on College Gameday for Auburn at Penn State?

ESPN’s College Gameday will be heading back to Happy Valley for the 5th straight year in a row. They have had some popular guest pickers such as Ki Jana Carter and Keegan Michael Key, but who will it be this year? 


Adam Taliaferro

This is the obvious choice. Adam will be making his return to Happy Valley to be the honorary captain. This year marks the 20th anniversary of his famous walk out of the tunnel in 2001. Taliaferro suffered a neck injury against Ohio State in the year 2000. Most doctors believed he’d never walk again. He beat those odds in what most would call a miracle, walking (then jogging) onto the field. He is everything that Penn State represents and would be perfect for the 20 year anniversary of that special night.


Michael Mauti

He was the heart and soul of the Penn State football team that was initially impacted by the NCAA sanctions. Mauti along with Michael Zordich were the face of the program when they held a press conference on the practice field talking about the team sticking together, and his grit on the field makes him beloved by Nittany Nation.


Ali Krieger

Member of the United States women’s soccer team, and member of the World Cup Champions from 2019. She was an All-American for the Penn State women’s soccer team. One of the more famous former Nittany Lion athletes that have performed on the world stage.


The Jonas Brothers

This one has been brewing for a while. Penn State has been the adoptive home for the Jonas Brothers for a few years. They have played impromptu concerts at Champs and Joe Jonas has shown up at football games before. Don’t know if they are available but the crowd would go wild if they (or just Joe) were the guest pickers.


Britt Baker

The former AEW Women’s Champion (and dentist) is a Punxsutawney native and is making a name for herself in the world of professional wrestling. AEW is on TNT, so not sure if this deal would even be approved. It would be different and not many people would know who she is but it would be welcomed. 


Ty Burrell

Best known for his role for Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. Most people probably aren’t aware that he is a “Penn Stater”, and would be a nice surprise to have him picking next to Lee Corso.


Michael Robinson

A former quarterback that led the resurgence of Penn State football in 2005. Tough as nails, and would run you over (ask Brandon Owens from Minnesota). He’s currently working for the NFL network so it might be difficult to make the trip, but the place would erupt if Michael Robinson took to that stage. 


Lavar Arrington, Posluszney, or Sean Lee

All three of these former members of Linebacker U had great NFL careers and are three of the most recognizable former players at Penn State. Any one of these guys would be a good pick. Admittingly, Posluszny and Lee would probably be a tad boring, but you know Lavar would bring the heat!

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