The Culprits Who Trolled the Horseshoe on Saturday Have Been Found

After Oregon’s win over Ohio State in Columbus, Fox Sport’s Charlotte Wilder found a rubber duck on the 50-yard line of Ohio Stadium. It was a nice subtle troll job by someone from Oregon.


Today, the culprits have been found. It was two young Duck fans Dublin (11) and Brixton (9). In an interview with Wilder, they explained that they were at a tailgate and as a souvenir was given these rubber ducks. After the game when all the fans had left the stadium Dublin jumped the wall and put the duck in the middle of the “O” on the 50-yard line.

“Before the game, we went to a tailgate. As a little souvenir, you could say, they gave us little rubber ducks,” he said. “Then, at the very end of the game, players were giving us high-fives and I gave one of the ducks to them. Fast forward maybe 15 minutes or so, I just got the idea somehow of putting the rubber duck in the middle of the field….not knowing it was gonna go viral or anything, just as kind of like a troll!”



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