Jalen Hurts Is Already Better Than Lamar Jackson

The numbers don’t lie…Jalen Hurts is clearly already better than Lamar Jackson and he has played in 33 less games than him. Don’t hate me, I’m just stating facts and this is just one of many reasons Hurts is already better than Jackson.

Another reason is Hurts and the Birds are 1-0 this season while Jackson was outplayed by Derek Carr and the Raiders which made him 0-1. Again, the numbers don’t lie and if you’re gonna argue with numbers than you’re just an idiot.

Also, how many National Championships does Lamar Jackson have?


That’s right ZERO, NONE, NADA.

While our guy Jalen Hurts on the other hand well he has in fact won a National Championship and after doing that he even took another College program to the College Football Playoff when he carried Oklahoma there during his Senior year.


So there ya have it, Jalen Hurts is clearly the better QB than Lamar Jackson and I will not listen to any other arguments.

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