Ben Simmons NOT Being Traded. Will Play For Philly This Season

Well…….this is quite the development. First and foremost, Ben Simmons’ play this past postseason paired with him asking to be traded broke my heart. I want Ben to be a Sixer but a successful one. If he refuses to shoot and passes up wide open dunks in an elimination game. He simply can’t be here anymore. It’s the sad tough truth. But if he is willing to get out of his own head and start firing off shots and making free throws, than it’s better for the Sixers to have him than to not. The question is, which Ben is going to show up?

The other question now is what is going to be the fan reaction? I assume the masses will not be overly excited about the news. Most fans wrote him off after the season ended and at the time, understandable. Now though, will he be welcomed back? I don’t think so. I think there are going to be massive boos opening night in Philly. Me personally I will welcome him and any player with open arms. If they are wearing a Sixers’ uniform than I’m rooting for them. Why would I hope a player on my team would not have success? Just to say ‘haha, told ya!!!’ No, that’s stupid.

So if Ben is back, than my support for Ben is back. Let’s ride Simmons.

PS: There is also a huge possibility that this is all to get higher trade value. And if that’s the case I have the right ot flip on Ben again.

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