3 Foot Snoop Dogg Bobbleheads STOLEN in Philadelphia!!

Not 1.  Not 2.  But 3 3-foot tall Snoop Dogg Bobbleheads have been stolen from around the Philadelphia region recently.

Yes, that could be one of the coolest bobbleheads I have ever seen in my life.  And it’s 3 feet tall… Almost as tall as me!

Each bobblehead is worth around $300.  What makes these bobbleheads even better is the Corona beer that the Snoop Bobblehead is holding.

The three thefts took place at the Acme is Richboro, the Acme in West Goshen and the Giant in Caln Township.

I’m not sure if I am mad or impressed with this.  I mean there is no chance these three thefts are not connected.  It has to be either one person or a team of people.  But for what?

A bet?

A bar?

A Mancave?

A Smokecave?

Why would one person need three 3-foot tall Snoop Dogg bobbleheads?

The best part of the whole thing is the surveillance picture…

My man straight up put the Snoop Dogg bobblehead in the cart and walked out like nothing was happening.  At that point you gotta just give it to the guy.  No chance you can take that from him if he has the balls to not even try and hide.

Go check ebay or Facebook marketplace if you are interested because I guarantee 1, 2 or 3 of them will be on there.


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