Walsh’s Winners Week 1 Update

WOW, what a week one of the NFL that we had. I mean it was just incredible from the start of the 1pm games all the way to last nights incredible Monday Night game between the Ravens and Raiders. Now, as you know I put out my Winners weekly which you can go take a look at that blog here.

This year I’ve decided I am going to do a weekly update on how we did as well just to help me keep track and also so the #FadeWalsh crowd can suck it when I absolutely dominate.

So, I went back through the Winners blog and compared it with all of the final scores and see just how we did in week 1. There were a few surprises but overall we did pretty damn well. It’s a little different this year since I decided to add in some more plays weekly with the money line picks and adding in either over/unders and the spread.

After adding everything up we ended up going 20-11-1 with the push coming in the 49ers game as I had them -8. The two biggest surprises of the week for me were the Titans looking as bad as they did against Arizona and the Saints absolutely manhandling Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Overall though I’ll take this performance out of week one, could have been better but to come away with 20 wins for week one after nearly 7 months is a positive for me.

Stay tuned for week 2 of Walsh’s Winners

Record after week 1 (20-11-1)

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