UPDATED: Battle For Orange Bowl Presented By @OddsCrowd Standings

It’s hard to believe that we are already two weeks into the college football season but here we are. Alabama looks untouchable and 2-10 is completely unpredictable. College football is so back I can’t wrap my head around it. And as all of you know, thanks to our good friends at OddsCrowd, Branded Sports will be heading to Miami for the Orange Bowl. Two of our content creators will win a trip to the game, with all expenses (except booze because the way Eddie drank at the Peach Bowl, the company would go belly up covering his drinking) paid.

And if you haven’t download the OddsCrowd app yet, you are missing out! There are over $30,000 in real cash prizes up for grabs across season long and weekly contest. I mean look at this guy that just won $100 this week. The best part is it’s FREE!!! You risk no money to win REAL money.

Here’s how you get involved, go to your app store and download the OddsCrowd app. Sign up using referral code BRAND1 and enter as many of the free contest as you want. Compete for weekly payouts and even for the big $10,000 NFL contest. It’s a no brainer.

Now for the Branded Orange Bowl contest OddsCrowd is sending two creators as I mentioned. 1. Person that gets the most referrals. Once again referral code BRAND1 please. And the second person who is up at the end of the season in units. So let’s check the standings shall we?

Referral Top 3 Rankings:

  1. Kmess 32% total referrals
  2. Walsh 15% total referrals
  3. Vince 11% total referrals

Not shocking here that Kmess leads here. He has a strong fan base that loves his content, he’s tapped into the FALs and his videos are electric.

What is shocking, I’m not top three. I’m currently sitting at #4 but people that don’t even get a bronze medal get to noticed in the rankings. That’s on me, I’ve got to be better and I expect to crack the top 3 next week when rankings come out. Now let’s take a look at the units rankings.

CFB Units Rankings:

  1. Walsh +14.87 units
  2. CEO Joe +6.25 units
  3. Jay Arnold +5.16 units

Last place: Aidan Powers -3.04 units.

Alright a lot to unpack here. First off, added Aidan in there to show how tight the race really is, not to make sure everyone knows he’s in last place. I’d never do that. Secondly, tight race at the top between Jay Arnold and myself. Currently only hold a 1.09 unit lead over him for that top spot. If you’re wondering something like, ‘hey, Walsh’s name is at the top with +14.87 units.’ True but it’s Walsh, did you see what happened to him live from the Show Boat this past Sunday? He was on top of the world and next thing you knew he was dead. That’s just how betting Walsh works. So #FadeWalsh for life, enjoy the top spot now but just know you will be paying for your flight to Miami. That’s a LOCK.

Make sure to download OddsCrowd today using referral code BRAND1. Join in on the fun with us and wins some cash while you’re at it! Download. Win. Repeat.


We are some how 5 weeks in the books for college football and the Battle for the Orange Bowl is heating up. Last time we checked in, Kevin was leading the referral count contest and Walsh was leading the units contest. Time for some updating.

Referral Top 3 Rankings:

No clue. Getting the referral data is more challenging than landing a man on the moon. If I had to venture a guess I’d rank it this way:

  1. Kmess
  2. CEO Joe (making a push)
  3. Walsh

Once again, complete guess at this point but we’ll see if that turns out to be correct.

CFB Units Rankings:

  1. Walsh +19.14 units
  2. Kmess +6.45 units
  3. Jay +2.48 units

Walsh is starting to really separate himself form the pack here a bit. Where am I you ask? I took a swing at it this past week with some heavy 10 units bets and it bit me in the ass. No worries, I’m just going to double down this week. Kmess sneaking up to second after a strong two weeks and Jay is the steady train that keeps moving on.

Official prediction, Walsh will come crumbling down in heart breaking fashion and we’ll all get to enjoy it.

Make sure to download OddsCrowd today using referral code BRAND1. Join in on the fun with us and wins some cash while you’re at it! Download. Win. Repeat.

UPDATE: Walsh Is Toast!

I (Joe) am king again! Last weekend I hit a bang of a play, bet 10 units and cashed 80 units. I skyrocketed up not only the Branded Orange Bowl contest but also up the OddsCrowd $3,000 contest. Current Orange Bowl standings:

  1. Joe (+153.62 units)
  2. AJ (+6.86 units)
  3. Kmess (+6.45 units)

Where is Walsh you ask? The man that told me he wasn’t scared. 7th place in the Branded contest and 102nd in the $3,000 contest currently at -7.46 units. What I imagine happened was when I started text my upset winners, Keith thought ‘I need to toss some hail marys and get back into this asap.’ He threw them up and they were picked off. I basically have won the branded contest at this point. It would take a colossal failure on my part to lose this. Which if it happens, this blog will be copy and pasted in the Branded GC from now until the end of time.

As for the referral contest, last update shows the same three.

Make sure you join and download OddsCrowd today. Win FREE money like me. In their own words. Be Like Joe.

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