After Week 1 Eagles’ Playoff And Division Odds Skyrocket

Well well well. Eagles were left for dead by many of the national media and statistical breakdowns. Cowherd, that idiot, had the Eagles winning 3 games. THREE!!!! Now listen, I get it, week 1 win over Atlanta. Not exactly huge measuring stick game. But it was still an way game, they were 3.5 point dogs on the road, down a defensive back and they won. And not only won, they kicked the ever living shit out of the Falcons.

Did the Cowboys win? Nope, lost in true Dallas fashion, aka kicker blowing it big time. How about everyone’s darlings Washington? Nope, lost at home to the Chargers. What about Giants? Nope, looked completed over matched. So not only were they the only NFC East team to win. They were the only team (outside of Dak by himself) look like they can hang outside the division. And people noticed.

Before week 1 FiveThirtyEight had the Eagles playoff chances at 24% and odds to in the NFC East at only 15%. Not great but after the week 1 ass whooping they delivered, Nate Silver’s people have made some adjustments.

Eagles current playoff chances have jumped up to 46% and winning the division at 37%. That’s a huge jump up and now they are only BARELY behind Dallas in both categories. Not saying Philly is winning the division this early but holy shit watch out Cowboys week 3. Philly wins that game I’m going to go BANANAS. I will be insufferable.


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