Fire Alarm Goes Off In Eli Manning’s House During MNF

First off the Manningcast is electric. I need it every single week and if it doesn’t come back next Monday we riot. We march to the NFL headquarters and we demand that Peyton Eli livestream. It’s the perfect mixture of actual football knowledge and pure chaos at the same time. I don’t want it, I NEEEEEED it.What type of chaos do you ask? How about a fire alarm going bananas in Eli Manning’s house and Peyton doing what older brothers do.

Perfect. Just absolutely perfect. ‘Hey Eli, your house might be on fire. You going to go check on that or naaaahhh?’ Eli is basically the mouth breathing version of the ‘this is fine’ dog.

Give me Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, every night Manningcast. Football games, baseball, bachelorette, Jeopardy, every show on every channel. Make it happen. Manningcast 4 lyfe.

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