Eagles Are Off To A Kick Start

Im going to start this off by saying im not going to overreact, but the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. Jalen Hurts looked fuckin awesome and this RPO offense is going to be so fun. Hurts hushed all the Hurts haters throwing for 3 TD’s and accumulated for a total of 326 yards. Oh and not to mention that guy DeVonta Smith is really good at football, he had 6 catches for 71 yards and a TD. It brought a tear to my eye watching Hurts and Smith connect for the first touchdown of the season. I could imagine the feeling I felt was like having your first born child, because it was just perfect, it was the start of the new Era right in front of our eyes. This team so fucks and the Sirianni, Hurts handshake proves it

This was the first Eagles game in a long while where I was truly happy. The last couple years it felt like all of our wins were always just sloppy wins. The offense looked great all around, the line dominated up front and let the postion players do their thing. When I say the offensive line dominated they did, those fucking dudes were head hunting yesterday. Kelce had his usual awesome pull blocks where he bull dozes a couple people down the field. Then you had Mailata who probably has a warrant out for his arrest after absolutely pulverising the Falcons corner back. With the line looking good, as long as they can stay healthy this RPO offense will be hard to stop. With Hurts and Sanders back there it will be very effective, expect a big season from Sanders now that he is finally going to get the rock more. The offense is just fast and explosive and the best part about it is they are all young. These guys are only going to get better this offense is going to be explosive and fun to watch all year, Jalen is the real deal and he showed us.

The defense looked really good, holding the Falcons offense to zero touchdowns. It was also so relieving not seeing Jim Schwartz’s stupid punchable fucking face on the sidelines. It was almost confusing not seeing the cornerbacks line up 10 yards off the receiver on 3rd down anymore and basically gift them the 3rd down. The Steve Nelson signing was huge, it took a lot of stress off Slay and all the other guys and it showed. They held Ryan to only 164 yards, and had Pitts and Ridley in the dog pound all day. Our front 4 is arguably one of the best in the league, they have a deep rotation full of dogs. The front four had three sacks today two coming from Hargrave and one from Ridgeway. Those big dogs came to play and they kicked the fuckin door down in Atlanta and killed Matt Ryan.

The birds played an all around hell of a football game and they looked like they had a lot of fun doing it. The energy they had was electric and they were fun to watch again. Fuck the NFC East we are winning the Super Bowl.

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