Conor McGregor Tried To Punch MGK With Megan Fox On The VMA Red Carpet

There is no clear reason why Conor McGregor is at the VMA’s, let alone on the red carpet, but if you had a physical altercation between the people’s champ Conor McGregor and Megan Fox’s boyfriend MGK on your 2021 bingo card, come collect your earnings.

Now initially this seems like a new storyline being tested out by Dana White as both MGK and McGregor could use a clout bump at this point in their careers. MGK has probably seen how much Logan Paul is getting paid, and McGregor really needs an easy win. Having Megan Fox as the ring girl in this fight may bring this fight into the billions.

In the one corner you have a former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion dressed in a neon pink suit attending a red carpet for an awards show honoring music’s greatest of the year. In the other corner you have a rap turned punk rock emaciated heartthrob with the hottest woman in the world on his arm. That just screams PPV sales.

5:31 PM PT — Sources connected to the situation tell us Conor asked MGK for a photo, which Kelly denied … and that apparently escalated into him pushing Conor, whom we’re told stumbled back and spilled his drink.

When he collected himself and whatever was left of his drink, our sources say Conor allegedly chucked the drink at Kelly … as well as Megan, whom we’re told was nearby.

Their respective teams broke it up before things got really ugly — and Conor was given his walking cane back — something that had fallen to the ground during the scuffle. FYI … Conor made it inside after this — the camera just panned over him during the broadcast.

A natural reaction to being denied a photo with MGK, I am wondering what the fuck MGK has against the champ that he wouldn’t just take a simple red carpet picture with him?


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