Video: This Paul Reed Workout Mixtape Is Down Right Fire

Sixers fans, I know we’ve seen our fair share of hoopin’ workout mixtapes. For example the million we’ve seen from Ben Simmons over the past three summers and we’ve grown tired of them. Well I’m here to tell you that I’m a sucker for workout mixtapes and Paul Reed aka BBall Paul just dropped one and it is straight fire!

One thing I love about Reed is that he’s hungry and has a relentless work ethic unlike a certain someone on the Sixers, cough cough Ben Simmons.

I really feel like Reed could be a solid piece in the rotation this season. Once Reed picks up the speed of the NBA and can knock down an occasion 3 point jumper like he’s shown in the video, he should have himself a legitimate role in the top 9 on this roster. I love what I saw from him in the summer league and hopefully it will continue against top nba talent.

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