Whats up guys? THANK THE GODS the NFL is back. I’m going to do an article a week about the winners with spread. I don’t really mess with over under if you would like it let me know and I can add it.

First… GREAT game last night. Thank you NFL for starting the season off with a competitive game. After this game it’s obvious the Cowboys with a healthy Dak will win the NFC Least. SORRY I mean East. Yup I only need one game.

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Sunday, September 12th:

1:00pm|FOX|Current Line ATL -3.5|Philadelphia Eagles(0-0) @ Atlanta Falcons(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Falcons -3.5

1:00pm|FOX|Current Line SF -8| San Francisco 49ers(0-0) @ Detroit Lions(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: 49ers -8

1:00pm|CBS|Current Line But -6.5|Pittsburgh Steelers(0-0) @ Buffalo Bills(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Bills -6.5

1:00pm|FOX|Current Line MIN -3.5|Minnesota Vikings(0-0) @ Cincinnati Bengals(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Vikings -3.5

1:00pm|CBS|Current Line Ten -3|Arizona Cardinals(0-0) @ Tennessee Titans(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Cardinals +3

1:00pm|FOX| Current Line SEA -2.5|Seattle Seahawks(0-0) @ Indianapolis Colts(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Colts +2.5

1:00pm|CBS| Current Line LA -1| Los Angles Chargers(0-0) @ Washington Football Team(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Chargers -1

1:00pm|CBS|Current Line Car-5.5| New York Jets(0-0) @ Carolina Panthers(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Jets +5.5

1:00pm|CBS|Current Line Jax -3|Jacksonville Jaguars(0-0) @ Houston Texans(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Jaguars -3

4:25pm|CBS|Current Line KC-6|Cleveland browns(0-0) @ Kansas City Chiefs(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Browns +6

4:25pm|CBS|Current Line NE -3| Miami Dolphins(0-0) @ New England Patriots(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Dolphins +3

4:25pm|FOX|Current Line GB -4.5|Green Pay Packers(0-0) @ New Orleans Saints(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Saints +4.5

4:25pm|FOX|Current Line Den -3|Denver Broncos(0-0) @ New York Giants(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Broncos -3

8:20pm|NBC|Current Line LA -7.5|Chicago Bears(0-0) @ Los Angeles Rams(0-0)–

Big D’s Winner: Rams 7.5

Monday, September 13th:

8:15pm|ESPN|Current Line Bal -5.5| Baltimore Ravens(0-0) @ Las Vegas Raiders(0-0)-

Big D’s Winner: Raiders +5.5

Overall Record:(0-0)

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