I’ll Say It, This Is Too Far

There is no other way to say it besides this is the most shocking video I’ve seen on the internet in some time.


Something needs to be done about this. How cruel and evil do you have to be to make a joke about someone losing a child? @usssa2021

♬ original sound – Faith Reece

All is fair in love, war and softball apparently. Jesus that is so far over the line I don’t think the person knows there is a line. Abortion ‘jokes’ for a men’s slow pitch softball game? Too much, I’ll be the brave one and say it. Too much. The details seem foggy. Sounds like this guy and his girlfriend had a miscarriage then the rumors started flying that actually it was an abortion because it was another man’s baby. No matter what, hanger on the softball. Insane move. With that being said, the other better have won this game. You pulled that shit you better show up.

PS: This guy should be allowed to get the person that wrote this on the ball, get their girlfriend pregnant. Fair is fair.

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