What if College Football Programs Were Professional Wrestlers?

College Football and Professional Wrestling have a unique following of people. Both products rely heavily on fan interactions to create an unforgettable atmosphere. We recently saw how much the energy changes at these events when there are no fans in attendance, it just feels strange. This inspired me to write this blog matching College Football programs with their Wrestling counterpart.
Alabama- “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
Both are two of the most recognizable names in their sport and have a classic look that can never be duplicated. Austin with the black tights, and Alabama with their crimson uniforms with numbers on the helmet. Although the Crimson Tide has more championships than the “Rattlesnake”, they fit as an image; what they mean to the wrestling and college football world alike. They come in, “stomp the mudhole” in someone, and leave.
Ohio State- Hulk Hogan
The red and yellow pops out in the ring just like the scarlet and grey on the field. Both are flashy yet vintage, old school but with a certain flair, and they are known as two of the very best in their field.
Clemson- Triple H
Is Clemson a blue blood? Is Triple H really one of the greatest wrestlers of all time? Both Clemson and Triple H have an outstanding resume on paper but don’t really get the title as a “Blue Blood” like some of the programs and superstars that came before them.
Notre Dame- Ric Flair
Ric Flair and Notre Dame have the championships. Notre Dame now is a lot like Ric Flair in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Gloating about how many titles he had except he wasn’t winning any at the time. Both have the history and are/were around the main event scene but not winning championships.
Oregon- Ted Dibiase
Money, Money, Money. Oregon flaunts their money with their 500 uniform combinations and state-of-the-art facilities from Nike. While the “Million Dollar Man” made people kiss his boots for 20 bucks. The biggest similarity between the Ducks and Ted is that they were never crowned champions.
USC- The Rock
Everyone knows that The Rock always represents “The U”. Isn’t it more fitting for him to be paired with a school in Los Angeles though? The Rock is the wrestler turned movie superstar making it the perfect spot for Dwayne Johnson. Think of 2003 “Hollywood” heel Rock as the perfect match for the Trojans.
Oklahoma- The Undertaker
The Sooners and the Undertake are always around the main event. Both went through tremendous changes as a brand as well. Before the mid 00’s Oklahoma was known as a smash-mouth football team. Now they are scoring at will and not playing much defense. Similar to Undertakers transformation in the ’00s from the “Lord of Darkness” to the “American Badass”.
Wisconsin- Kane
The “Big Red Machine” isn’t known for winning titles but everyone knows they are in a fight when Wisconsin or Kane is involved. Tough, and always a scary matchup.
Miami- Shawn Michaels
College Football just seems better when Miami is at its best. The same can be said about Shawn Michaels and wrestling. It’s almost more about the showmanship than actually winning games/matches. Whether it’s coming out in the fog, or pyro going off in the background. The University of Miami and Shawn Michaels are a spectacle when they are at the top of the mountain.
Nebraska- Bruno Sammartino
If you are a diehard wrestling fan you know that Bruno Sammartino is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The height of his popularity came during the 60s and 70s. This resembles Nebraska’s run of greatness from the 1960s to the early part of the new millennium. The problem is if you were to ask a newer fan about either one of these once giants, they would reply “who?”
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