“Cam Newton To The Dallas Cowboys.” -Vegas

Welcome to the first week of the NFL season.  We are only a couple of days before the season kicks off with the Dallas Cowboys heading to the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Bucs on Thursday night.

Around this time of year big names are always on the free agency board.  Whether they never signed during camp waiting for injuries or they are one of a few “surprising cuts” at the 53 man cut down.

Last week Cam Newton was one of those “surprise cuts.”  The Patriots have decided to go with rookie Mac Jones as QB1 and for whatever reason did not want to keep him as their backup.  Maybe because of his vaccination status, maybe he didn’t want to be a backup or maybe the Patriots wanted to give Cam a shot to start for another team.


What team?

There are not too many team’s that I think Cam could start for right now.  Houston may be the only team.  I like Teddy Bridgewater in Denver more.  I like Sam Darnold in Carolina more.  Houston is a complete disaster, would Cam even want to go there just to start or would he rather go to a better team to be QB2?

I think one of the best spots for Cam would be Washington.  He played most of his season’s under Ron Rivera, including his MVP season.  The team has a very good defense, a good run game and good weapons.  Ron would be able to also design packages for Cam while still starting Ryan Fitzpatrick AND… We all know Fitzmagic is very up and down, Cam would get a chance to play and maybe even start at somepoint.


What does Vegas think?  Do they agree with me or they have a different #1 team for Cam?

Well, there is Houston and Washington high up on the list at +600, but of course they are behind the Dallas Cowboys.

Even though the Cowboys have basically said no they are not interested in signing Cam, there they are still atop the list.  That is the Cowboys factor.  Does Vegas know that its a lock that Cam won’t end up there but know for a fact people will place bets on it?  Probably.

I put Cam going to Dallas at like a 1% chance, and I’m a Cowboys fan.  No, I do not want Cam.  I thought about it right when he was cut, but then the more I thought about it, it’s just not a move the Cowboys would make.  And, if they would why haven’t they done it yet?

Probably the same reason no one has… Because they are waiting until after week 1 so that Cam’s contract is not fully guaranteed for 2021.  If a player is on the roster week 1 their contract is fully guaranteed.

We shall see where Cam ends up, if anywhere.  Will it be Dallas?  Vegas may think so, but I simply do not.


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