John Mulaney Has Twitter Losing Their Mind

Here I am, just scrolling through the Twitter machine when I see this.

I like John Mulaney so I’m a bit intrigued and check out the trending page. I don’t follow a lot of people on Twitter, mostly real friends or thing for sports. My timeline is *usually* fairly tame so I forget sometimes that y’all are fucking weirdos.

Mulaney is trending because he may or may not have gotten Olivia Munn pregnant and people are not happy about it.

This is the photo that has people losing their mind. People are mad that he left his wife for Olivia Munn and now she’s pregnant?? I’m not totally sure, honestly. If you’re mad at a stranger leaving his wife then getting someone else pregnant you have too much time on your hands.

I would like to be the first one to congratulate John and Olivia (mostly John). Listen, he’s a decent looking guy and he’s very funny so I kind of get it but Olivia Munn is one of a kind.

If she is pregnant I hope the best for them, I hope his ex is doing good, I hope he’s handling his sobriety appropriately but most importantly I hope you weirdos get some real life attention soon. This parasocial shit isn’t a good look for you.

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