Breaking:NHL Players To Play In 2022 Olympics

Thank the lord, it is now official as the NHL has made an agreement with the IIHF for NHL Players to play in the 2022 Olympics.

This news comes after what feels like an eternity of negotiations and a lot of will they, won’t they when it comes to the status of NHL Players in the olympics. We all remember that NHL Players did not participate in the 2018 Olympics because they didn’t have an agreement with the IIHF and that was a major disappointment.

NHL Players in the olympics is great for the sport as we will get to see the best players in the world on the biggest stage and I am beyond excited for that. Team Canada is going to be stacked, but so it the US of A baby. You can never count out countries like Sweden and Finland either as they should both have solid squads.

The 2022 Winter Olympics just got a whole lot more exciting and it is going to be fantastic watching all of the games come February.

The NHL has already incorporated an Olympic break into their schedule so they don’t have to make any adjustments and I think we can all agree we’re glad this deal got done as the Winter Olympics wouldn’t have been the same without NHL Players.

To get you even more excited here are some great moments from past Olympics with NHL Players..

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