Branded Sports Is Heading To The Orange Bowl And You Can Win Up To $30,000. Follow @OddsCrowd ASAP!

That’s right, Branded Sports is heading back to the college football playoffs, this time the Orange Bowl down in Miami. All thanks the the mazing people over at OddsCrowd. What is OddsCrowd you ask? They are a betting tracking app/fantasy betting app. Which is completely FREE FYI!!!


There’s over $30,000 in Cash Prizes up for grabs across both season-long and weekly contests on NFL and college football. The creators here at Branded, we’re all taking part, so you can try to claim bragging rights over us too.

Here’s how it works. Once you enter a contest, you place fantasy bets(once again FREE), not actual money, against real odds and lines. The most profitable players rise up the leaderboard. If you have the highest profit at the end of the contest, you win.

And OddsCrowd isn’t just fantasy betting contests. It’s a Social App for Sports Bettors. Free to download, you can group chat with other bettors, track your bets, set up private fantasy contests with your buddies, and much more!

So download the App for Free. Use Referral code: Brand1

So here is the deal. OddsCrowd is sending two Branded content creators to Miami and the Orange Bowl. Airfare, stay and tickets to the game. Last time we did something like this we were down in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl and we owned the city.

This year things are going to be taken to another level being that we will be all over the 305. So how are the content creators winning a chance to get to the Orange Bowl? Easy. The amazing folks at OddsCrowd are going to send 1 content creator that finishes highest in the public college football contest with cash prize of $3,000 that anyone can win. Like you, yes you.

The other person that will win will be the person that gets the most referrals to OddsCrowd sooooooo use your favorite Branded Sports content creator’s referral code.

Joe: Brand1

Kevin: Brand2

Ali: Brand3

Eddie: Brand4

James: Brand5

Walsh: Brand6

Chavy: Brand7

Mac: Brand8

Jay: Brand9

Kelsey: Bran10

Aidan: Bran11

AJ: Bran12

Myers: Bran13

Vince: Bran14

JJ: Bran15

Dan: Bran16

Jake: Bran17

So download the app today, play along with us and win FREE money. Free money, free money free money.

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