Wanna-Be Mafia Kingpin, Rich Paul, Makes His Client Cancel Charity Events That Could Help the Community Because He’s Mad At The Sixers For Trying to Trade Playoff Choker, Ben Simmons

Are things ever simple in Philadelphia? Instead of enjoying a Phillies win streak that has them back in the pennant race, we have more Sixers drama to deal with.
The news officially broke today that has been rumored for quite some time: Ben Simmons will not return to the Sixers. It was hinted at yesterday by Shams Charania in his off-season report. Today, it was vaulted to the front of sports headlines by an inside report from Keith Pompey.

The news isn’t particularly shocking given the Sixers collapse against the Atlanta Hawks and the tribulations of Simmons during that series. The Sixers and Simmons have played a game of chicken on who should dump who. Much like a couple coming home for Thanksgiving Break of freshman year, they both realized simultaneously the relationship was over.
It’s sad. It’s disappointing. It’s not how this was supposed to end, much like a similar recent saga with Carson Wentz. Simmons is a good player with attributes that are forgotten because of his shooting struggles. But he wants to be gone and the team has not tried to gauge his trade value multiple times. There’s nothing we as fans can do.
But what should make Sixers fans absolutely irate today, isn’t the Simmons news. It’s the report that came out shortly thereafter:

If you are unfamiliar with the NBA landscape, Rich Paul is the face of the Klutch Sports agency that represents a gluttony of players across the league, including his best friend Lebron James.

Ben Simmons and Tyrese Maxey are both clients of clutch, headed by Paul.
Rich Paul runs around thinking he is a mafia kingpin, similar to Russell Buffalino. He is not. He is a guy who’s best friend happens to be extremely good at basketball.

We are unsure what the city of Philadelphia of the Sixers ever did to Paul but he clearly detests the city.

Paul hates Philadelphia so much he is being sued by Nerlens Noel who cites in his suit thag the Sixers tried to bring him back and extend a contract, but Paul refused to tell Noel of the teams interest. It cost Noel millions of dollars in the process.
Now, Adele’s boyfriend is keeping Tyrese Maxey from doing CHARITY EVENTS that could help the community so the city of Philly doesn’t get comfortable with Maxey being around.
Do you know how big of a scumbag you have to be to put your own self interests in the way of your client securing $58 million? Do you know how big of a scumbag you have to be prevent your client from doing charity events to help a city? But that’s what Rich Paul is. A greedy, self-loathing scumbag who sees himself as a mafia don instead of a sports agent.
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