Jake Paul Retires From Boxing

Jake Paul beat another pro fighter last night and then retired today. The haters are furious.

I don’t believe that he is actually retired at all. Does anybody think this is real? This is simply the next phase in the Paul brothers hype train and I’m here for it. I know people hate the Paul brothers and think what they are doing in boxing is stupid and pointless. And those people have a big poop in their pants. Boxing sucks right now. It’s sucked for the past 20+ years. The Paul brothers have found a market that is dying and made it entertaining again. People will say they are destroying the sport. Wrong. They are saving it. Without the Paul brothers we’re not talking about boxing, at all. Don’t believe me? Answer me this without cheating. Who are the current boxing title holders? You can maybe name one, Tyson Fury. And that’s only correct depending on which belt you think is the true heavy weight belt.

The sport needs a boost, a shot in the arm. The Paul brothers have done that. I get it, most of you hate them. But why? Because they are wildly successful? Because they decide who they want to fight and do it? Floyd Mayweather is legit one of the greatest boxers of all time. And a youtuber got him in the ring and went the distance with him. That’s insane. So stop your hating for no reason and enjoy the fact that they are trying to put on a show. And make sure you’re on the train before Jake makes his return to fight McGregor or something and you all are tweeting things like ‘anyone got that link?’

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