Jake Paul Might Be A Decent Boxer

I’m no boxing expert but we might need to start putting some respect on Jake Paul’s name. He seems like a total dick so I’m not asking you to like him but it seems like he might be, at minimum, an alright boxer.

When he first started fighting other YouTubers as an undercard for his brother and KSI I would have never said he was a boxer at all. It was a dumb sideshow for bored millionaires. Very similar to the TikTok fight last month. I mean he’s beaten all of those YouTubers (no clue how many I think he was like 2-0), he then moved up and beat a former professional athlete. Then he beat an out of shape, potentially hurt, retired UFC fighter. Now, he beats another former UFC guy but Woodley is not Ben.

First time I can remember seeing Jake have to work in a ring.

People will have their opinions on who won and the score. Some will say it was rigged for Paul somehow, maybe it was. The fact is Jake Paul is still undefeated.

I thought unless Woodley absolutely dominated him if it went to decision Jake would win. Woodley even letting it be close or not knocking him out was surprising to me. I felt like this was going to be where his reign of terror ends.

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