Malice At The Palace Part 2 Went Down In France Last Night

The Malice at the Palace has been trending as of late with the release of Untold Stories on Netflix, but our pals over in France decided to take that documentary a step further by recreating the infamous events.

As it did in the original Malice, the issues began to arise when an idiot fan decided to throw a water bottle at a player. See below for the asshole the guy above is modeling himself after:

Payet (the player that was hit by the water bottle) reacts by yelling at the crowd and throwing the bottle back into the crowd, and chaos ensues:

Absolute mayhem. The craziness of the OG Malice at the Palace was that it was the first time in the modern era where the invisible fence between court/field/pitch and fans/stands seemed to come down. It sparked a realization that at literally any time that barrier could be broken and absolute chaos can ensue.

European soccer is another breed. In some countries, this is just a matchday occurrence that the players, staff, fans, etc just get used to. But yesterday’s events in Nice were really, really bad even when factoring in the typical craziness of Euro soccer.

These Marseille players literally look like they just got out of the octagon on UFC Fight Night. As fun as it has been to relive the nostalgia of the Malice at the Palace the past few weeks, seeing pictures like the above make you realize that this is no joke to the players on the pitch. Those injuries are serious and the fear instilled in them after what happened can seriously affect their mental health in the future.

Here’s to hoping that all the players, staff, and innocent fans are okay and that the French version of John Green has swift justice handed to him.

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