Eagles Sign Colin Kaepernick. Wait What?

Listen Joe Flacco has been rough but I didn’t think it was enough to push the Eagles into calling up Colin Kaepernick and getting him into some midnight green. And yet here we are……


SideAction: “Sticking in the NFC East, the Eagles signed Colin Kaepernick to be their starting quarterback. While this seems incredibly unlikely barring an injury to Jalen Hurts in real life, Kaepernick happens to be rated higher than several starting QBs, including Hurts. The former 49ers star had career highs in yards (4,679) and TDs (33) with the Eagles, but Philadelphia finished third in the division at 7-10 and missed the playoffs.”

The good old Madden simulation. Traditionally pretty good with predictions but this might be a stretch. It’s been too long since he played and there have been much more deserving opportunities for him to get back in the league before 2021. Also not to mention, a guy coming in off the streets and tossing nearly 5,000 yards. My goodness. That is a tough feat, I actually bet on Mahomes under 5K passing yards this season and he is the best quarterback on the planet right now. If he can’t do it, Kap can’t do it.

Also the simulation this year has the Jaguars winning 11 games. Lololol, K. Much better chance that Kap ends up on the Eagles or any team, than the Jags wining 11 games this season. Not after they spit in the face of God by cutting Tim Tebow.

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