Taryn Hatcher Commits The Ultimate Baseball Sin

Aaron Nola is currently cooking. As I’m writing this he hit a double that ended up scoring a run. He also had a no hitter working before it was broken up in the 7th. No big deal right? Well would be if Taryn Hatcher in the middle of the 7th didn’t do this:

I’m not a superstitious guy but when it comes to no hitters, just can’t do this. Can’t mention it at all and definitely can’t announce it on the Phillies broadcast. This is a big no-no. (Pun intended.) Phillies fans are going to drag her for this, enough where I think she’s going to actually apologize after the fact. Wild times.

Go Phils

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Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin
August 23, 2021 12:38 am

“Phillies fans are going to drag her for this”

Lol no pal, you are the one dragging her. And it was actually a perfect game, which is different than a no hitter.